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History highlights

  • Mohit Kamboj Secretary General of the BJP Mumbai Unit
  • Nawab Malik told about his relationship with Sameer Wankhede

Nawab Malik, a cabinet minister in the Maharashtra government and leader of the NCP, responded to Mohit Kamboj with a press conference on Sunday. Nawab Malik said that Aryan Khan’s case is one of kidnapping and ransom. Mohit Kamboj is the mastermind behind the Aryan Khan kidnapping case.

Now the question arises who is Mohit Kamboj. If you look at Mohit’s bio on Twitter, he has written himself as a BJP worker. While he has held many important positions in BJP.

Mohit Kamboj is the secretary general of the BJP’s Mumbai unit, against whom the CBI’s Economic Crimes Wing is investigating. Kamboj was also Chairman of the Mumbai Youth Wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party from 2016 to 19. In August 2019, he was appointed Mumbai BJP Secretary General.

Kamboj had made accusations

On Saturday, Mohit Kamboj had described Sunil Patil as the mastermind in the drug case. Kamboj had alleged that Sunil Patil is an NCP man. He conspired with Kiran Gosavi. Not only this, Kamboj had alleged that a minister (Nawab Malik) ran the union in the Maharashtra government.

Nawab Malik’s counterattack to Kamboj

Nawab Malik retaliated and made serious accusations against Mohit Kamboj. Malik said, initially Wankhede had said that 8 to 10 people were arrested. I protested. I said, 11 people, including Rishabh Sachdeva, were detained. But they let three people escape. Among them was Rishabh Sachdeva, who was the brother-in-law of Mohit Kamboj. After this, Wankhede started the cheating game. This whole story was made after leaving these 3 people.

Mohit Kamboj charged with Rs 1.1 billion bank fraud

Nawab Malik claimed that Mohit Kamboj has a bank fraud case of 1.1 billion rupees. Initially, he used to be with the leaders of Congress. But after changing government in Delhi, he approached the BJP.

Malik said, the Aryan Khan case is one of kidnapping and ransom. Kamboj is your brain. Kamboj is close to Wankhede and has 11 hotels in Mumbai. Nawab Malik said: I will soon release the video of the Wankhede and Kamboj meeting. I had a press conference on October 6, I met Wankhede Kamboj on the night of October 7 at the hotel. After this, Wankhede contacted the police and said that they were being persecuted.

Kamboj part of the private army of Wankhede

Malik alleged that Kamboj was part of Wankhede’s private army. Not only this, regarding the relationship with Sunil Patil, Malik said, I have not met Sunil Patil in my entire life. Nawab Malik said that in the images shown by Kamboj, Patil is seen with the Gujarat minister. Manish Bhanusali meets with many BJP leaders in Gujarat.

Nawab Malik said that after my first press conference Sunil Patil called me and said she wanted to give me some information. I told him to give it to the police and he said they had arrested him in Gujarat.

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