Mohit Kamboj said about Nawab Malik’s accusation – did not meet with Wankhede, called on Shahrukh to present his version – response from mohit kamboj ncp nawab malik shah rukh son aryan mumbai update of the drug case ntc

History highlights

  • Drug policy continues
  • Kamboj replied to Nawab Malik
  • Malik told the brain of the Aryan case

Political indictments and counter-accusations are also taking place in Maharashtra in connection with the case of drugs on cruise ships. On Sunday morning, Minister Nawab Malik held a press conference and called Mohit Kamboj the mastermind of this case. Mohit Kamboj has also been alleged to be charged with Rs 1.1 billion fraud.

BJP worker Mohit Kamboj has now responded to these allegations. Kamboj claimed that Malik has assets worth 3 billion rupees. He has land in Kurla and several projects in Juhu. Mohit Kamboj also said that Nawab Malik is scared and said that Shahrukh Khan and Pooja Dadlani should not be afraid and should come forward and speak their minds.

Nawab Malik panicked over the accusation

Mohit Kamboj said that he accepted the accusations I made about the conversation between Nawab Malik and Sunil Patil. Nawab Malik did not tell everything, but the two used to meet and these relationships are not from today, but from years. Mohit Kamboj said that when I made accusations against him and Patil, suddenly he (Malik) stood up and accused me.

What accusations did Nawab Malik make?

Nawab Malik has alleged that Kamboj has 11 hotels and many properties in the city. Responding to this, Kamboj said that I don’t have any hotels. I am a businessman. I pay taxes of 5 million rupees. I have never hidden my assets like Malik, who has 22 properties in the name of his children. Kamboj said that if he claims that these properties are mine, ask him to hand them over to me.

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Kamboj said that I exposed his relationship with Sunil Patil, so he is disappointed. I am not afraid of them, let them say anything, I have filed a defamation case against them. He said that 15 legal notices had been sent to Malik, but did not respond. Kamboj also said that the allegations made by Malik about former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis are also false.

I never met Sameer Wankhede

Mohit Kamboj said Malik has admitted that he received the call from Sunil Patil. It will also follow the history of the Hotel Lalit. Kamboj said: “Shabab, Kebab, Nawab are all together.” Responding to allegations of being a couple with Sameer Wankhede, Kamboj said he had never met her.

Where is Sunil Patil missing?

Mohit Kamboj asked where Sunil Patil is missing. He said that I have not been to the Lalit Hotel for the last 5 years. I continue to accuse the former Interior Minister and Ajit Pawar, but he does not respond. Kamboj claimed that Anil Deshmukh had met Dawood’s henchman Chinku Pathan, who runs a drug business.

Kamboj said that I am fighting this battle alone and not using the BJP platform. He said: ‘Yes, hai Mian scared. I only make false accusations. Kamboj said that Shahrukh Khan and Pooja Dadlani should not be afraid and should come forward and speak their minds.

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