India eliminated from T20 WC, Afghanistan loses hope

India team out of T20 WC, Afghanistan defeat ends hope

With New Zealand’s victory and Afghanistan’s defeat, now India’s dream of winning the 2021 T20 World Cup has been shattered. New Zealand defeated Afghanistan in a crucial match on Sunday, making New Zealand the fourth team to reach the semi-finals. If Afghanistan had won in this match, then there might have been an opportunity for the India team. But now the journey of the Indian team ended in this World Cup and the game against Namibia that will be played on Monday is now just a formality. Now there will be a war between Australia-Pakistan, New Zealand-England in the semifinals of the T20 World Cup. Watch.

New Zealand (125/2) beat Afghanistan (124/8) by 8 wickets to join Pakistan in the Group 2 semi-finals. New Zealand comfortably beat Afghanistan by eight wickets in their final Super 12 match to qualify for the semi-finals and send India out of the T20 World Cup on Sunday. Look.

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