Haryana’s Jind among the most polluted cities in the country, Aqi reached 458, air pollution in Ghaziabad and Noida as well

The poison has dissolved in the country’s climate after Diwali. The air has become so toxic that it is difficult to even breathe here. According to data from the Central Pollution Control Board, Jind’s air in Haryana was the worst measured in the country on Sunday. The air quality index here hit 458 on Sunday morning, after which the CPCB placed it in the very severe city category. According to experts, the city’s air quality index has become so bad that the air here can make even a normal person sick. Apart from this, the air quality index of Ghaziabad, Noida, Sonipat was also measured to be very poor.

Ghaziabad AQI reached 456
The second most polluted city in the country after Jind was measured at 456. Apart from this, Noida’s AQI stood at 453 on Sunday. At the same time, the air of Sonipat, Firozabad, Ballabgarh, Vrindavan, Delhi, Baghpat was also measured to be very toxic.

The air became more dangerous than cigarette smoke
AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria has raised concerns about the air in Delhi-NCR. He said the parts of the country where the air quality index has reached more than 400. The air has become more dangerous than cigarette smoke. He said that people who already have respiratory illnesses are at higher risk due to pollution. Apart from this, healthy people should also take care of themselves.

cleaner air in shillong
According to data released by the Central Pollution Control Board, the air in Shillong was measured to be the cleanest in the country. The air quality index here stood at 11 on Sunday. While the AQI of Puducherry stood at 25. Apart from this, the air quality index in Aizawl stood at 26, Chikmagalur at 35.


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