Gulzar will not obtain an honorary degree in the call of the University of Allahabad

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  • Gulzar won’t get the title
  • Convocation ceremony to be held at the University of Allahabad

Renowned lyricist Gulzar will not be honored with an honorary degree at the convocation ceremony to be held tomorrow at the Central University of Allahabad. The University of Allahabad sent the proposal for Gulzar’s name to the Union Ministry of Education, but it has not yet been approved.

Gulzar won’t get the title

The name of the lyricist Gulzar was proposed by Professor Prashant Ghosh from the Department of Economics for DLitt’s honorary title at the Academic Council meeting. At a Labor Council meeting in August, a resolution was passed to confer an honorary degree on Gulzar for his contribution to poetry, film and culture. Subsequently, the university administration sent it to the Ministry of Education of the Union for the final seal. But approval of Gulzar’s name by the ministry is still awaited.

Lyricist Gulzar is believed to no longer be able to attend the convocation ceremony to be held at Allahabad University on November 8, nor has there been any information about his arrival. According to Jaya Kapoor, PRO of Allahabad University, the proposal sent to lyricist Gulzar for DLitt’s honorary degree has not yet been approved.

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The call will take place on this day.

The convocation ceremony for the Central University of Allahabad will be held on November 8. The Union Minister of Higher Education, Dharmendra Pradhan, will be the main guest of the program. The rector of Ashish Kumar Chauhan University will also participate in the program. Ashish Kumar Chauhan is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

In the call ceremony, medals and doctorates will be awarded to the deserving of the two seasons 2018-19 and 2019-20. A total of 263 children will receive medals in different categories. In these, 5-5, that is, a total of 10 students from both sessions will receive Chancellor’s medals. 550 research fellows will also receive doctoral degrees in the program.

On this occasion, the main guest of the Dharmendra Pradhan program will also inaugurate three newly constructed buildings at the university, including the 124-seat Gargi Women’s Hostel, the 34-seat Chandrashekhar Azad International Hostel and the Major Dhyanchandra Student Activity Center. Allahabad University Director of Public Relations Dr. Jaya Kapoor said the 4 students who will receive the Chancellor’s Gold Medal include Himanshu Dubey from BALLB, Shivnekar Revathi Vijay from MSC Cognitive Science, Anshika Mittal from BCA and Madhavi Singh from MSC Botany.

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The Chancellor’s Silver Medal winners are Neha Mishra from BSC Bio Group, Shreya Agarwal from MSC Computer Science, Salvika Upadhyay from BA and Shashankamani Tripathi from MSC Biotechnology. The branch medal winners include Kulbhushan Tiwari from BA, Urja Srivastava from B.Tech.

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