Gopal Rai, Delhi AQI AAP Worst Minister, Blames BJP for Opposing Diwali Lbs Cookie Ban

History highlights

  • About 3,500 incidents of stubble burning were recorded
  • Delhi police took action against firecrackers

Delhi Pollution AQI: After setting off firecrackers on Diwali, the danger to Delhi is not over yet. Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai today marked the tanker trucks outside the Delhi Secretariat to spray water to control dust pollution. During this, he said that on Diwali day, incidents of stubble burning increased in Punjab and Haryana and some people burned cookies, so the level of pollution has increased in Delhi, to control that the Delhi government took measures to emergency. on the roads, spraying water.

Environment Minister Gopal Rai said that to control pollution, large smoke guns have been installed in many places in Delhi and 114 tanker trucks are being used to spray water on Delhi’s roads. Additionally, orders have been issued to seal off 92 construction sites if regulations are found to be violated. He said that if incidents of stubble burning increase in Punjab and Haryana, its effect will definitely be visible in Delhi as well.

Citing a report, Environment Minister Gopal Rai said a report has come in today that incidents of stubble burning are increasing in neighboring states. About 3,500 stubble burning incidents were recorded yesterday and to this day the report is that stubble burning incidents have exceeded 4,000. The effect of pollution caused by burning stubble is still visible in Delhi.

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Gopal Rai said there are 92 such construction sites within Delhi, which the department had conducted a surprise inspection in the past and found to violate guidelines issued by the Delhi government. All of those 92 construction sites have been ordered to be sealed. Orders have been given to SDM and DPCC to shut down all construction sites generating dust pollution within Delhi.

He said that, according to reports received, the maximum amount of stubble is being burned in Punjab. After that stubble is burning in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. He said there is a chance that there will be some improvement in air pollution in the next day or two. But the way stubble burning incidents are coming to light in Punjab and Haryana, if it increases, surely its effect will be visible in Delhi as well.

Responding to a question, Rai said that people from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are saying publicly that it was wrong to ban firecrackers. The BJP folks themselves are screaming that we are in favor of busting crackers. No other proof is needed for this. Despite the ban, Delhi police have taken action against cookie busters on Diwali.

Gopal Rai has written a letter to the Union Minister for the Environment demanding that an emergency meeting be convened with neighboring states to prevent stubble burning. Rai said that a joint action plan should be made by calling a meeting. Kejriwal’s minister said the figures show that if stubble burning incidents are not reduced, Delhi will remain suffocated. Due to the stubble burning incidents, Delhi is facing the brunt of pollution for the past 3 days. The air has become stifling in Delhi, which worries Delhi.

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