Giving China a Clean Fine Will Be Heavy for India, Prime Minister’s Biggest Mistake: Congress

History highlights

  • Giving a clean bill to China will cost India a lot.
  • Congress Said: Prime Minister’s Biggest Mistake

Amid India’s strained relations with China, the Congress party has started targeting the Center. Congress claims that China has infiltrated the border with India and that the Indian government gave them a clean note. Congress spokesman Pawan Khera has said that this will be the biggest mistake in Indian history.

Congressional attacks on India’s policy toward China

He said that India is going to pay a heavy price for this clean token in the near future. This will turn out to be the biggest mistake made by PM Modi. Surprisingly, China attacked our map, but the Indian government just closed its application. The eyes that the Indian government should show China are showing against their own people, who are speaking out for the country.

At the same time, because the BJP is accusing Congress of doing politics, speaking of defaming the country through social media, now Pawan Khera has also given his reaction on it. According to Kheda, it is the responsibility of the opposition to raise the country’s problems. Kheda also expressed concern that China is now active in the Chumbi Valley. According to him, this area is very important for India. It connects seven northeastern states with India. In such a situation, the danger in the Chumbi Valley will put other areas in trouble.

Question about China’s expansionary policy

Apart from all this, Pawan Khera also spoke about China’s expansionary policy. He said that China has discussed many agreements with Bhutan, agreements are also being made with Sri Lanka, but India is sitting quietly. Now for information, let us tell you that even on Saturday, Pawan Khera had raised this issue in front of the media. Even then, he had said that giving China a high mark is the government’s biggest failure.

By the way, Pawan Kheda also gave his opinion on the farmers’ movement. According to him, the doors of PM are open only to large industrialists, there is no place for farmers. The prime minister can go see Central Vista’s work, but cannot find time to meet with farmers.

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