Fatehgarh: jail after the death of a prisoner from dengue NTC

History highlights

  • Prisoner Sandeep Yadav dies of dengue
  • After the death of the prisoners, there was a riot in the jail, also arson

There was a riot at the Fatehgarh District Jail after the death of a prisoner due to dengue. Here, fellow inmates set fire inside the jail. Apart from this, the prisoners also fiercely beat the deputy jailer. As the situation deteriorated, the district police and the PAC were called on the spot.

The case is from Fatehgarh Jail in Farrukhabad. Prisoner Sandeep Yadav, 29, is said to have died of dengue. Sandeep died during treatment at Saifai Hospital. After getting information about this, the prisoners created a scandal. There were also arsons in some parts of the prison facilities. The prisoners also misbehaved with the sub-jailer.

The prisoners are said to have damaged government property in the jail. Apart from this, blankets and sheets were also set on fire. The prisoners also threw stones at the police officers stationed in the jail.

Action will be taken against those responsible
On the other hand, after the uproar in the jail, the administration jumped into action. Action has also been ordered against those responsible. A large number of police and PAC were also deployed. The prison administration claims that the situation is now under control. The situation has calmed down by sending the prisoners to their respective barracks and the police say that action will be taken against the prisoners responsible for the riot.

Entrance – Safulla Khan


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