Exhibitors have a lot to rejoice because Eternals is doing well this Diwali weekend too

The Eternals box office collection is now expected to surge again on Sunday (Photo Credit – IMDb)

For exhibitors across the country, there is plenty to rejoice in, as not only Sooryavanshi and Annatthe are drawing audiences, even the Hollywood movie Eternals is finding its own share. While Akshay Kumar’s protagonist Sooryavanshi keeps exhibitors and distributors engaged across India, Annatthe of Rajinikanth has totally invaded Tamil Nadu. In the midst of all of this, there are Eternals that have kept Hollywood fans happy, and that has pretty much ensured that across India, there is a good moolah hitting the box office.

The collected Marvel movie 5.50 million rupees * on Saturday and that is in the expected line since after a very good Sunday of 7.35 million rupees, there would surely be a fall on the second day. After all, this was the day after Diwali, and Hollywood movies are the way they are at the beginning. However, the movie is now expected to come back up on Sunday. Weather 12.85 million rupees * have already arrived in just two days, anything in the vicinity of 7 million rupees It would be pretty good for Eternals as it would take the movie to a weekend of around Rs 20 crore, which would be really good.

So far, the best Hollywood brokers in India this year have achieved the first week around 20 million rupees at best, and therefore having a movie pull it off in just 3 days would be another important milestone to celebrate. In addition, Eternals is running not only in English, but also in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam, and therefore there is a possibility of scoring not only on premium properties but also interiors, where this genre Superhero often works well.

*Dear. Final numbers expected

Note: All collections according to sources of production and distribution

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