Eternals Box Office Day 3 (early booking) – Slow, steady and hoping to win the race against ‘Mighty’ Sooryavanshi

Eternals early bird sees a slow start on the first weekend (Photo Credit – Twitter)

Eternals, director of Chloe Zhao, was one of the most anticipated films of the year. The superhero movie is the first major Marvel film to hit theaters in India, as movie theaters were closed due to the pandemic. Now that the MCU masterpiece is finally released, let’s find out what the pre-order status looks like.

The movie is doing wonders at the box office after getting off to a slow start. Fervent studio fans were very eager to see the movie and people flock to the cinema with seat reservations rather than opting for online reservations.

Although international reviews are mixed for Eternals, Chloe Zhao’s film has received a great response from Indian audiences. The first day box office reports came out great, but let’s see what day 3 looks like.


The response for Eternals in Mumbai has been poor since day 1, and so far about 30% of the shows are only booked for the day.


Show times in the capital city are comparatively higher than in Mumbai and the booking status seems to be improving as 40% of shows are booked and it is filling up fast.


The status of the reservation remains unchanged and the response on day 3 is totally dry. There is no improvement in Bengaluru, but still, there is hope for Chloe Zhao’s Eternals.


Both the 3D and 2D versions of the film are receiving a great response in Hyderabad. About 60% of the shows are booked and expected to improve.


The state of the reserve has improved slightly in Chandigarh; more than 60% of the shows are reserved.


Advance booking is great in Chennai, even though it’s only in the morning and 90% of the shows are already booked. The Marvel fan in town seems genuinely interested in seeing Eternals on the big screen.


The state of the reserve is not affected in the city and is similar to yesterday. Only a handful of shows have been booked so far.

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