Equity MFs attract Rs 40,000 cr in September quarter

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Strong investment flow in equity MF

New Delhi. Equity mutual funds posted net inflows of around Rs 40 billion during the quarter ending in September. Equity funds gained good exposure during the quarter amid strong inflows of new NFOs and stability in Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). With this entry, assets managed by equity mutual funds increased to Rs 12.8 crore at the end of September, according to data from the Indian Mutual Fund Association (Amfi). At the end of June, it was 11.1 million lakh rupees. According to the data, Rs 39,927 crore was invested in equity funds in the September quarter. In the June quarter, this figure stood at Rs 19,508 million.

Inflows to equity mutual funds have risen steadily since March. Previously, from July 2020 to February 2021, there were withdrawals of these funds for eight consecutive months. Mohit Nigam, Head of PMS Securities, Hem Securities, said: “The steady flow of equity funds reflects positive investor sentiment towards the Indian equity markets. The economy is on track for a rapid revival with the economy recovering, businesses recovering from the hurdles of the pandemic, and the government’s supportive stance. Asset Management Companies (AMC) are trying to complete their offerings under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) scheme classification rules.


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