D’Souza is not our informant, why doesn’t Nawab Malik go to court with evidence? NCB bets on new revelations

History highlights

  • Malik and NCB face off in drug case
  • NCB said, Sam is not our informant

The fight between NCP leader Nawab Malik and NCB’s Sameer Wankhede, which started with the Maharashtra drug case, is now escalating. On Sunday, once again, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik appeared before the press and made many accusations against Wankhede. Malik claimed to have ties to BJP worker Mohit Kamboj in Wankhede and that he traveled to Dubai-Maldives. Sources said NCB officials have required Nawab Malik to give testimony.

Nawab Malik made a serious accusation today claiming that Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan was kidnapped and ransom demanded. He called this case a ‘kidnap and ransom’ case. Not only this, Malik also claimed that Wankhede was part of Aryan’s kidnapping conspiracy.

On these allegations, NCB officials said: ‘Why can’t Malik go to court instead of filing the charges?’ He further stated that Wankhede was not in contact with Sam D’Souza and that D’Souza was not our informant either.

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Sam D’Souza’s name was revealed in the cruise drug case. Sam D’Souza is said to have reported on the drug party on the cruise ship, after which the raid took place. Aryan Khan was arrested in this case.

Malik also narrated the audio of the phone conversation between Sam D’Souza and NCB officer VV Singh. On this, NCB said that there was nothing wrong with this, because an officer was warning Sam that he should not change his number over and over again.


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