Drug case: Aryan Khan implicated for extorting money, claims new SIT witness

History highlights

  • The witness named Vijay Pagare came to the front
  • Statement given to Mumbai Police SIT
  • Claim: the cruise raid was well thought out

Aryan Khan case updates: Now another new witness in the cruise drug case has appeared and claimed that Aryan Khan was involved in this case and that efforts were being made to make money from him. A person named Vijay Pagare, who lives in Dhule, Maharashtra, has recorded his statement to the Mumbai Police SIT. He has also said that Manish Bhanushali, Sam D’Souza and KP Gosavi had met with Sunil Patil on several occasions before the cruise ship raid. BJP leader Mohit Bhartiya took Sunil Patil’s name at a press conference on Saturday and called him close to the NCP.

Pagare said that he had been living with Sunil Patil for a few months because he had to take money from her. Pay told Aaj Tak: ‘He (Sunil Patil) was not doing my job and he was not paying me back. So, wherever he went, I followed him. I was also with him in Ahmedabad, Surat, The Lalit Hotel in Mumbai and Fortune Hotel in Navi Mumbai.

Bhanushali said: great job done

Pagare said that Patil had stayed at the Fortune Hotel in Navi Mumbai on September 27 this year. One room was reserved in the name of Pagare and one room in the name of KP Gosavi. Pagare said that Manish Bhanushali, who is associated with BJP, who is a witness in the drug case, came to the Fortune Hotel. Pagare, Bhanushali, Patil and KP Gosavi were present in a room. So Bhanushali told Patil that a great job had been done and that now we had to go to Ahmedabad, but we couldn’t take Pagare. Pagare claims that he did not know what was happening and that he was only concerned about his money.

On October 3, Bhanushali returned to the hotel room where Pagare was staying. He told the payer to come he will get his money. They both headed to the NCB office. According to Pagare, while coming from Vashi to the NCB office, Bhanushali was talking to someone on the phone and taking names like Pooja, Sam, Mayur. According to Pagare, Gosavi’s phone was turned off at the time and it was feared that he had run away with the money.

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The money was related to the Aryan case!

Pagare said that after arriving at the NCB office, he saw the media outside, where they told him that Aryan Khan had been detained by the NCB. Pagare was surprised because the money he was talking about was related to this case. After that, Sunil Patil called Bhanushali and asked Pagare to leave the OCN office and return to the hotel. Later, Pagare left Bhanushali at Thane and from there went to his friend’s office. According to Pagare, there he saw news of raids on Cruise in media clips showing Bhanushali and KP Gosavi taking the defendants out. After that, he realized that it was a well thought out raid. According to Pagare, he tried to tell the lawyer Satish Maneshinde all these things but he ignored him.

Pagare filed his statement with the SIT on November 4. He said Sunil Patil and Sam D’Souza used to meet Lalit at the hotel. A suite was also reserved in the name of Sunil Patil. Before robbing the cruise ship, Patil had told Pagare that she had gotten the job and could pay him back. According to Pagare, he had no idea about the raid on the cruise ship at the time, but later realized that the money came from this raid.


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