‘Doubling’ the relief for the people of Punjab, gasoline fell by about 16 rupees a liter in one week! – Punjab VAT reduces gasoline 10 rupees per liter and diesel 5 rupees per liter punjab new tuta rate

History highlights

  • Gasoline VAT reduced by Rs 10 per liter in Punjab
  • Announcement to reduce VAT on diesel by 5 rupees per liter

Along with the country, the people of Punjab are also concerned about rising gasoline and diesel prices. As soon as the central government reduced the excise tax on gasoline by Rs 5 a liter and on diesel by Rs 10 a liter. Electoral states immediately cut VAT and gave double gifts to the public. In such a situation, the moral pressure on a state like Punjab had increased, because elections for the assembly will soon be held here.

But now, after beating, the Punjab government has made a big decision and reduced the rate of gasoline by Rs 10 and the rate of diesel by Rs 5 a liter. These rates will be applicable as of this night. In Punjab, now the public will get gasoline at least 15 and a half rupees and diesel will also be cheaper by 15 rupees and a half liter in a week. The central government had reduced the excise tax on gasoline by Rs 5 / liter, but now the Punjab government has decided to reduce VAT by Rs 10 / liter. In other words, the government of Punjab has granted a “double” relief to gasoline compared to the Center.

Gasoline price in Punjab: If we talk about Amritsar in Punjab, on November 3 gasoline was sold here for 111.36 rupees a liter. After the reduction of the excise duty, gasoline was cheaper here by 5.73 rupees on November 4 and the price dropped to 105.63 rupees per liter. But now, after the reduction of VAT by the state government, gasoline will be sold at 95.63 rupees a liter from November 8. In this way, after the reduction of excise duty and VAT, gasoline will be cheaper by Rs 15.73 per liter for the people of Punjab.

Announcement of Rs 10 Liter Reduction in Diesel

Similarly, on November 3, in Amritsar, diesel cost Rs 100.95 per liter. After the reduction of the excise duty by 10 rupees per liter, the price dropped to 89.32 rupees per liter on 4 November. After the reduction of excise duties, diesel was cheaper by 11.63 rupees a liter in Amritsar, now, after the reduction of VAT, diesel has been cheaper by 5 rupees a liter in Punjab. In this way, the price of diesel in Amritsar will be 84.32 rupees per liter on November 8. In general, the people of Punjab are going to get cheaper diesel at Rs 16.63 a liter in a week.

Gasoline averages Rs 106.20 per liter and diesel Rs 89.83 per liter in Punjab on November 7. After the reduction of VAT, on November 8, Punjab’s gasoline will start to get cheaper by 10 rupees a liter and diesel by 5 rupees an extra liter.

Significantly, during the Crown crisis last year, the government had increased the excise duty due to the drop in the price of crude. There was an increase of 13 rupees for gasoline and 16 rupees for diesel. Currently, the central government levies a special tax of Rs 27.90 per liter on gasoline and Rs 21.8 per liter on diesel.

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It is worth noting that based on crude oil prices, oil companies set prices every morning. You can know the price of gasoline and diesel in your city through a single SMS. To do this, Indian Oil (IOCL) customers should type in the RSP code and send it to the number 9224992249. The oil companies set prices every morning at 6am.


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