Chhath Puja 2021: Chhath festival will start with bath today, learn worship content now

History highlights

  • Mahaparv Chhath starts from today
  • The fast of Nirjala will be kept for the well-being of the children.

Chhath, the great worship festival of Chhathi Maiya, starts from today. As of today, the fast of Nirjala is observed for the achievement of children and for the well-being of children. Worship material is especially important in Chhath Puja and the women list these items well in advance. Let us know what are the things you need at this great festival.

chhath puja material
Two large bamboo baskets to store the offerings.
bamboo or brass soup
a glass of milk and water
a pot and a plate
5 sugar cane
Sweet Potato and Sutni
Paan, betel nut and turmeric
radish and ginger leaves
large sweet lemon
Citrus, Banana and Pear
coconut water
Thekua made from sweets, brown sugar, wheat, rice and flour
Rice, vermilion, lamp, honey and incense
Don’t forget to get new clothes like a suit or saree.

Chhath Puja Program
November 8, 2021, Monday – Chaturthi (bath-eat)
November 9, 2021, Tuesday – Panchami (Kharna)
November 10, 2021, Wednesday – Shashti (Arghya in the setting sun)
November 11, 2021, Thursday – Saptami (Arghya at the rising sun)

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