Chhath parv 2021 special chhath songs from sonu nigam to khesari lal yadav watch video here

Chhath Parv 2021: Mahaparv Chhath starts on November 8. Special songs have also been released for this holy festival. This year, along with Bhojpuri, Bollywood actors have also teamed up for Chhath Song. Besides Khesari Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh, singer Sonu Nigam has also sung for the Chhath festival. Please let us know what are the special songs that are heard in Chhath.

I don’t know how to distribute betel leaves.

Ritesh Pandey is a big name in the Bhojpuri industry. His new song ‘Pan Ke Patta Bate Na Pata’ was recently released. Which is receiving a lot of affection from the audience. It was uploaded to YouTube on October 31, 2021. The video had had 578,899 views as of this writing.

penh li pieria pia

Khesari Lal Yadav is a Bhojpuri movie superstar. Many songs have been released at their Chhath festival. His song Penh Li Piyariya Piya was recently released. This song has become a hit. This has been uploaded to YouTube by Falatu Entertainment. More than 8 lakh people have seen this song.

Aisan Bipatia Oil

Folk singer Sharda Sinha has sung a song at the Chhath festival. Her song ‘Aisan Bipatiya Ayel’ is becoming very popular with people. In the song, he has asked the Sun God to remove the sufferings.

fish in floating water

Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj has sung the Chhath festival song. Ghumtiya Pani Mein Machriya Song was uploaded to YouTube on November 1. This song is going viral. It has 224,011 visits.

jai chathi maiya

Sonu Nigam and Pawan Singh have sung Chhath Puja’s song ‘Jai Chhathi Maiya’ together. This song is getting a lot of love from people. Apart from Sonu, Pawan, Khushboo Jain has given voice to this song. It has garnered more than 5 million views since its launch.

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