Bihar: Handcuffs placed at the door of the neighborhood, only took out the policeman’s wife – muzaffarpur police neighborhood dispute Police colony wives placed instead of locks tsts

History highlights

  • Quarterly dispute between two policemen
  • The policeman’s wife retired
  • Police Line DSP Justice Request

A strange case has come to light in Muzaffarpur in Bihar, where a policeman put handcuffs in place of the lock and the transferred policeman’s wife was expelled for vacating the police line rooms in the policeman’s dispute.

Their discussion began to take place throughout the police department. After reaching the DSP police line, it was learned and the wife of the victim police officer was given time to stay for a few days.

handcuffs on the door

The Havildar Bhagwan Sharma neighborhood, which was stationed in the district for many years, is said to be in the old hospital building. He was transferred to Hajipur during the transfer. Meera Devi’s wife and son live in the neighborhood. When they both went to work, the door to their neighborhood was locked and suffocated.

After returning, the female police officers present told Meera Devi that the lock would open only after vacating the rooms. Meera Devi was upset by this and started a dispute. As the matter heated up, the image of the lock and handcuffs installed in Meera Devi’s rooms also went viral. Then the police line officers arrived at the scene.

Handcuffs at the door.

forced to wander

Meanwhile, Meera Devi along with the son arrived at the SSP residence with a complaint. Meera Devi has alleged that she is being harassed without any knowledge and that her home has been closed. Because of this, they are forced to wander from door to door.

Line DSP Vipin Narayan Sharma has expressed his ignorance on this matter. He said the matter will be investigated.

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