Band: DM made a surprise inspection to the veterinary officers of the barn could not give any information ntc

History highlights

  • DM made a surprise inspection of the cow protection center
  • DM stopped a month’s salary for veterinary officer

The arrangements at Banda’s gaushalas in Uttar Pradesh tell the story of the difficult situation. His poll was also open on Chief Minister Yogi’s last visit, “When Yogi wanted to feed brown sugar to a cow, he had turned his back on what the Chief Minister himself had said: if he had fed, he would definitely eat” . “The time of the government is also about to end, and in a few months elections will also be held, but the condition of the gaushalas remains the same.

In Banda, Uttar Pradesh, DM Anurag Patel today conducted a surprise inspection of the cow protection center built in Ragauli Bhatpura village, Naraini tehsil village. According to the press release issued from the District Magistrate’s office, the arrangements here were absolutely good. Straw, brown sugar, bran and salt were available in sufficient quantity. Perhaps even a DM sahib like Yogi ji had fed him once and seen the whole truth come to light. The images of these cows tell themselves.

At the time of the inspection, the DM asked the Chief Veterinary Officer for the labeling of the year and the details of the amount allocated so far and the opening of the veterinary dispensary, to which he could not respond. After this, the response was given that the District Magistrate suddenly became angry and started the Satpal Singh Veterinary Officer (CVO) class. Along with this, his one-month salary has been held until advance orders and instructions for taking action have been given with explanation. After this, he has summoned the details of all the cow protection centers in the district in 24 hours.

According to the press release from the Cow Protection Center, 484 cows are safe. The DM has instructed the Gaushala operator to clean and regularly check the cows.

(Report – Siddharth Gupta)

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