Aryan Khan was indicted in the drug case and the raid’s ‘strategy’ was pre-planned, witness claims

Aryan Khan was indicted in the drug case and the raid’s ‘strategy’ was pre-planned, witness claims – Deets Inside (Photo credit – Instagram)

The Aryan Khan case has seen many twists and turns since the stage entered the scene. Now, according to the latest reports, a person claiming to be a witness in the case has revealed that Shah Rukh Khan’s son was framed by certain people to earn money. It was NCB that raided a luxury cruise ship and arrested Aryan on October 3.

Khan was arrested by NCB officials who raided the cruise ship on October 2 and claimed to have seized 13 g of cocaine, 21 g of charas, 22 pills of MDMA and 5 g of mephedrone and more than Rs 1.3 lakh cash.

Vijay Pagare, who happens to be a witness in the Aryan Khan case, told TOI: “I have reason to believe that the raid was planned in advance and that Aryan Khan was framed in the drug case. The entire strategy was finalized on September 27, while the cruiser was raided on October 2. “

Not only that, Vijay Pagare’s statement was recorded by the SIT high-level police team on November 3-4 and said: “My statement was read to me and I signed it.”

The witness has been living with Sunil Patil for the last few months in order to recover the money that was owed to him and hence the alleged extortion and the framing of Aryan Khan entered the scene. “I had paid him in 2018 for a job. He did not do the work and he did not return my money. So, I would follow him wherever he went. I was with him in Ahmedabad, Surat and at the Lalit Hotel and Fortune Hotel in Mumbai, ”he told India Today.

At the same hotel, a room was reserved for KP Gosavi and a witness affiliated with the BJP, Manish Bhanushali, met Patil a few days before the raid. Vijay added that he saw Manish kissing Patil and said, “Bada kaam ho gaya (great work has been done). We have to go to Ahmedabad, but don’t take Pagare. “

Patil is the one who passed the information to NCB and that is how the raid on the cruise ship was carried out.

For the unspoken, Sam D’Souza’s statement included Patil’s name when he mentioned that panch’s witness, KP Gosavi, saved his name as SW, initials of NCB zone chief, Sameer Wankhede.

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