Aryan Khan drug case: Did Ncp leader Nawab Malik release an audio tape of the conversation between Stanley Dsouza and the Ncb officer?

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NCP leader Nawab Malik has shared an audio in the Aryan Khan drug case. They have claimed that this audio is between NCB officer VV Singh and Stanley D’Souza.

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NCP leader Nawab Malik is making revelations one after another in the Aryan Khan drug case. Now Nawab Malik has blown up the audio bomb. Nawab Malik shared the audio on Twitter, stating that the audio is from a conversation between an NCB officer and Stanley D’Souza. This audio is linked to the Aryan Khan drug case. Nawab Malik says the name of the officer who spoke to Stanley D’Souza is VV Singh.

How D’Souza’s name came to be in the Aryan Khan case

Stanley D’Souza’s name in the Aryan Khan drug case came up when Kiran Gosavi’s bodyguard, Prabhakar Sail, filed an affidavit. Prabhakar Sail had claimed that there was a conversation between Kiran Gosavi and Stanley D’Souza instead of releasing Aryan Khan, in which there was talk of a 25 million rupee bribe, in which it was revealed that 8 million rupees were handed over. Sameer Wankhede.

what’s in the audio

In the audio shared by NCP leader Nawab Malik, there is a conversation between Stanley D’Souza and NCP officer VV Singh. D’Souza calls the NCB officer and introduces himself.

Conversation between the two

D’Souza- Hi, I’m talking about Sanville D’Souza.

NCB Officer Who Sanville?

D’Souza- It is I in whose house you have given notice.

NCB Officer You live in Bandra, right? When you come?

D’Souza- I have not reached Bombay. I’m not feeling well.

NCB Officer When are you coming then?

D’Souza- Sir, I don’t feel good. I come on Monday.

NCB Officer Come on Wednesday, not Monday. I’m not Monday and I bring my cell phone, I don’t want any movement. I have your IMI number ready. I’m warning you

D’Souza- OK sir.

(Note-Amar Ujala does not verify the authenticity of this audio).

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