Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty get Half Century in just 2 days

Box office: Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty get half a century in just 2 days with Sooryavanshi (Photo credit – IMDb)

In just two days, Sooryavanshi has turned half a century. The collected film 23.85 million rupees plus on Saturday and as a result the total stands at Rs 50.14 crore. This is really fantastic, as the celebration on Saturday means that the movie is not just about the opening day numbers, but it has also been well appreciated.

After a very good start on Friday [26.29 crores], Saturday was always going to be difficult. First of all, you can’t be sure that movies are gaining usual trends since the pre-pandemic era, when Saturday collections were better than Friday’s and then Sunday used to find an even bigger boost. After all, it could very easily have been a front-loading affair with hardcore moviegoers chipping in for Friday shows, but then trends took a different arc for the rest of the weekend. Second, Friday was a big holiday, and after Diwali the numbers tend to drop.

However, there were no such scares as the film continued on Saturday morning where it left on Friday night, and although the Diwali advantage had already been worked out, the Bhai Dooj holiday helped a bit as did the factor. of Saturday. In addition, neutral audiences have also started to intervene in good numbers, keeping the momentum intact. In fact, on individual screens, Sooryavanshi is doing a very good business and one just waits for multiplexes to improve as well, especially in the Delhi NCR region where there is a record count of available shows.

Nonetheless, for both Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty, there is plenty to be happy about, as the film’s excellent control on Saturday has reestablished their belief in taking it to theaters alone. Weather 50 million rupees The mark has already been surpassed, one now waits to see how fast Sooryavanshi makes an entry into the 100 crore Club and, from then on, crosses more borders.

Note: All collections according to sources of production and distribution

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