Akshara Singh’s New Chhath Song ‘Bada Bhag Pawle Bade’ Goes Viral, Fans Get Excited Watching Video

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  • Akshara Singh’s song Chhath went viral
  • Fans Said: Heart Touching Song With Better Vision

Bigg Boss OTT, Bhojpuri superstar Akshara Singh is once again in the news. The reason is Akshara’s new song ‘Bada Bhaag Pavle Bade’. This song has gone viral as soon as it is released on November 7. The fans really like this song. This song from Chhath, the festival of popular faith, has been composed by Akshara in a very moving way. This is the reason why people not only like this song, but also praise it and get excited as well.

Fans got excited after seeing Akshara’s song.

In the song, Akshara is seen in the role of a soup maker, who goes to a house selling soup. There, his hand touches the cot that is nearby. After this, the owner of his house arrives and mistreats him a lot. She gets very hurt by this and leaves there crying. This is a very moving moment.

Akshara Singh talks about his song

The song ‘Bada Bhag Pavle Bade’ released from Akshara’s YouTube channel shows the Chhath Puja related, which to date no one has paid attention. Akshara herself says that the grace of Chhath Mai is always the same for her devotees. So why are only devotees different from each other? This great festival is also a symbol of mutual cooperation. But still, along with the people who make useful soup in Chhath, even today people insult them by treating them as untouchables. This is not correct, because if they were impure, then their soup would not have been offered at Chhath Maiya. In the song, we have shown one of those miseries.

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Akshara’s identity today is the release of entertainment songs and social themes in the Bhojpuri music industry. It was then that he put a very sensitive subject in front of the people through the song Chhath Puja. The lyrics of the song have been written by Manoj Matami and the music by Ghungroo. The director is Anjani Kumar and PRO is Ranjan Sinha.


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