ABOVE: Used to show road show during the day, used to wear a neck vest at night, robbed from houses – barbanki 5 arrested burglars who used to tour in the day crime news tsts

History highlights

  • Police arrested 5 thieves in Barabanki
  • A gang of nomadic thieves from Punjab turned out to be a sight in towns and cities.
  • The robbery used to reconnoitre houses under the pretext of showing a show.

Police arrested five thieves from the nomadic gang in Barabanki, UP. These thieves used to show street show during the day in many UP cities, they walked from Punjab and used to rob houses at night. The police have arrested 5 members of this vicious gang and started searching after declaring a bounty to the gang boss.

This gang had looted thousands of rupees by killing the woman after the reconnaissance of Deva’s Mujibpur village house two months ago in Barabanki. For 2 months, the Deva police could not disclose the incident, but the police under the leadership of Police Captain Anurag Vats, who arrived in the district, disclosed the incident.

Let us tell you that on September 11 thieves broke into Shivprasad’s house and robbed him in Mujibpur village, in the area of ​​the Deva police station, in the Barabanki district. These thieves stole the belongings, jewelry and cash kept in the house and these thieves armed with sticks beat the family members, for which Chandravati was killed on the spot. On this information, a case was recorded in Thana Deva.

Police were unable to arrest the thieves, which was a challenge.

But for two months the police were unable to arrest the thieves, which was a challenge. This incident, carried out in a special way, had shocked the police department. The police captain had formed three teams to disclose this incident. After about two months on the basis of manual intelligence and digital data, the police revealed this incident.

The police caught the criminals involved in this incident while planning a robbery near the Deva Colony Irrigation Department police station. The arrested criminals are Asif aka Vicky aka Asim Ali, Sindhbaz aka Kesari Nath, Numaish, Sodhina aka Chintu, Sajim aka Sanib.

Enter the houses with scarves and vests

Police Captain Anurag Vats said these gang members mark their victim’s home by showing spectacles during the day, first doing a recon and then conducting the incident at night. They also have their own way of committing crime. First, they change their clothes in a secluded place and enter the houses with handkerchiefs and vests. Use sticks as weapons. Upon entering the house, they attack the heads of the family and render them unconscious. After that, they escape with great ease, looting all the valuables and cash from the house.

The gang members are so smart that they prepare fake Aadhar cards and take away their SIM, then use it to carry out the incident. The arrested criminals have recently carried out an incident in Prayagraj. He said that some inputs have been received from the arrested criminals, which will be shared with many states, including all districts of the state so that crimes committed by this particular type of gang can be stopped. Along with this, the rest of the members of this organized gang can also be arrested.

This is a nomadic and vicious gang. In this, madmen, fakirs and evildoers of the tribal tribal community are involved. They come from Punjab and have established their base in many UP cities.


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