ABOVE: Mukhtar Ansari Prison interrogated for 6 hours, Baahubali under the emergency department

History highlights

  • The ER team arrives at Banda Mandal Prison to interrogate Mukhtar Ansari
  • Team of the Directorate of Execution interrogated inside the jail
  • Mukhtar Ansari will also be questioned on Monday

Mukhtar Ansari Money Laundering Case News: The Directorate of Enforcement has begun to crack down on the Money Laundering Act case against Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari housed in Banda Prison.

ED interrogated Mukhtar Ansari for 6 hours in Banda Jail on the first day in the case recorded. The Emergency Department is also believed to be able to question Mukhtar Ansari in Banda jail on Monday. After Mukhtar Ansari, the Emergency Department will soon begin the questioning of Ateeq Ahmed, who is housed in Ahmedabad Jail.

In July, based on two FIRs registered in Ghazipur and one in Lucknow, the ED had registered a money laundering case. The DE was examining the illegally acquired property of Mukhtar Ansari, in respect of which the DE has registered a case and launched an investigation. In this episode, an emergency team went to Banda Prison on Sunday and interrogated Mukhtar Ansari for approximately 6 hours.

Mukhtar Ansari’s ‘fort’ collapses one after another, these properties worth billions have been confiscated

According to the information received, in the first investigation a case against the Vikas construction company was registered at the Dakshin Tola Police Station in Ghazipur under the Prevention of Fraudulent Public Property Act. Mukhtar Ansari’s wife and close relatives were partners in Vikas Construction.

Similarly, in April 2021, an FIR for cheating and embezzlement was recorded against Mukhtar Ansari along with Anand Yadav Baijnath Yadav and others at the Sarai Lakhansi Police Station in Ghazipur. Mukhtar Ansari and his associates are alleged to have snatched Rs 25 lakh from the MLA fund twice in the name of building the school. The third FIR registered at Hazratganj Police Station in Lucknow for taking possession of enemy property and causing it to be built.

What happened the first day?

The Directorate of Enforcement had registered a case under the Money Laundering Act on the basis of these 3 FIRs of possession of enemy property, embezzlement of government money, fraud registered in Ghazipur and Lucknow. ED has begun to question this matter. In questioning on the first day, Mukhtar Ansari was questioned by the ER team about his properties in Ghazipur, Mau and Lucknow in order to spend his MLA fund. At the same time, after Mukhtar Ansari, the DE will now also start questioning in the case registered against Atiq Ahmed.


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