7 fishermen rescued from a burning boat off the coast of Gujarat, images of the operation appeared

History highlights

  • 7 fishermen rescued from smoke-burning boat off the coast of Gujarat
  • Photos of the operation appeared

On Sunday, a plume of smoke was seen off the coast of Gujarat when a ship began to burn with smoke. The situation worsened because seven fishermen were present on the boat at that time. Everyone’s life was in danger and a major rescue operation was needed to save them. In difficult circumstances, the Indian Coast Guard, playing an important role, saved the seven fishermen alive.

Actually, the ICG ship Arush was patrolling near IMBL (National Maritime Border Line). Then his eyes fell on a ship that had caught fire and many people were trapped. The name of that boat was Kailash Raj and a total of 7 fishermen were stranded.

In such a situation, Ship Arush’s commander Ashwini Kumar, showing his understanding, brought the ship to that ship at full speed. After this, all the fishermen were rescued safely first and then the fire control work began. But even after several attempts, the ship could not be saved and sank.

But since the priority was to save those fishermen, the ICG first gave first aid to all the fishermen and they were released after an investigation. It was known that the ICG had sent all the fishermen to Okha via another boat. They will get there this afternoon or tomorrow.

By the way, earlier today Pakistani marines had fired on an Indian ship in the Dwarka sea area, Gujarat. An Indian fisherman died in that fire. At the same time, Pakistan also detained 6 fishermen. For now, the Government of India has become aware of this incident and strict action will be taken after collecting all the necessary information.


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