Mumbai drug case: SIT team in action, visited Cordelia Cruise, also took documents – Mumbai drug case NCB DDG Sanjay Singh visited Cordelia Cruise docked took control of drug Aryan Khan and 5 other NCB ntc cases

History highlights

  • Sanjay’s team took possession of the documents of 3 cases
  • Together with Wankhede, the new team also visited Cordelia Cruises
  • NCB is investigating 6 Mumbai cases, including Aryan’s case

In place of Sameer Wankhede, the team led by DDG Sanjay Singh from the Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) has taken over the Aryan Khan drug case and 5 other cases from NCB Mumbai. Along with this, the new team also today visited Cordelia Cruises located in the cruise terminal.

Sameer Wankhede was also present during Sanjay Singh’s team’s Cordelia cruise tour. Sameer showed the place where the whole case was broken and, in the case, the terminal, as well as all the places on the ship from where the drugs were recovered. Sanjay Singh checked the CCTV points at the cruise terminal.

Sanjay Singh and Wankhede, along with some other officers, remained at the scene for an hour and a half and then returned to the NCB office. Documents and other items seized in the case are being turned over to Sanjay Singh by Sameer Wankhede and his team.

Click this too Who is Sanjay Singh, who will now investigate Aryan Khan’s case instead of Sameer Wankhede?

SIT team to investigate 6 cases
Sanjay Kumar Singh, DDG of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai said that we have started the investigation. Whatever demand there is for a fair and equitable investigation, we will make it. Sanjay leads the Delhi NCB special team now investigating 6 NCB Mumbai cases, including the Aryan Khan case.

NCB’s new SIT team has taken action on the Aryan Khan drug case. SIT Chief Sanjay Kumar Singh has taken possession of all documents related to a total of 3 cases, including the Aryan Drugs Cruise case.

Deliver the documents of 3 cases
In the 3 cases in which the documents of Sanjay Singh’s team were seized, crime number 94/21 is drug trafficking. Apart from this, Armaan Kohli’s drug crime case number 82 and Nawab Malik’s son-in-law Sameer Khan’s crime crime case number 31/21 are involved.

The NCB SIT team is examining the files of these three cases, statements of all the defendants, Panchnama, Caesar Memo and statements of the Gabbahos. In the total of 6 cases received by the SIT, emphasis is being placed on the first Ario case and its investigation keeping these two cases in prominence. It is believed that the SIT will soon issue summons to all persons related to these cases and then begin questioning.

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