Barnala farmers protest against Akshay Kumar’s new film Sooryavanshi expressed anger by ripping posters ntc cinemas

History highlights

  • Akshay Kumar’s New Movie Has Opposition Across Punjab
  • Akshay supported the government, protesting: Farmers
  • Farmers are our Annadata, always be with the farmers: Manager

Farmers in the Punjab town of Barnala protest against Akshay Kumar’s new film, Sooryavanshi. Akshay Kumar’s film is opposed due to the farmers’ ongoing fight against the Center’s farm laws. In Barnala on Saturday, the Bharatiya Kisan Union Kadian protested by tearing up Akshay Kumar’s movie poster in front of the cinema and shopping center.

A large number of farmers opposed Akshay Kumar’s film. The protesting farmers said they are fighting against the agricultural laws implemented by the central government.

Film artist Akshay Kumar had supported these farm laws, so he is boycotting Akshay Kumar’s film. Akshay Kumar’s new film Sooryavanshi was the subject of protests in Punjab cinemas on Saturday. He said that so far Akshay Kumar has earned millions of rupees playing the characters of Punjabis and Sikhs. When the time came to support the people of Punjab, he stood up for the government unlike the people of Punjab. Because of his movement, farmers are boycotting Akshay Kumar’s films. This protest will continue until the agricultural laws are repealed.

On this occasion, Ocean Mall manager Naveen said that as soon as he learned of the farmers’ opposition to Akshay Kumar’s film, he immediately removed the film. He said that farmers are our food donors and we have always been with them.

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