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History highlights

  • Preliminary report on the fertilizer crisis in Uttar Pradesh
  • After the news of Aaj Tak, the situation improved in many areas.

During the last few weeks, there has been a major fertilizer crisis in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. Because of which the farmers were facing many problems and the farmers were suffering. Before Diwali, you would see long lines of farmers at fertilizer centers in many districts. Hundreds of farmers lined up in the morning to get manure, but only a few were. The situation had gotten so bad that in Bundelkhand’s Lalitpur many farmers had to lose their lives over the fertilizer issue.

There was a lot of politics about the fertilizer crisis in the state and the opposition surrounded the government on this issue of the fertilizer crisis. On the one hand, the general secretary of Congress, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, had come to Lalitpur, while on the other hand, Rakesh Tikait had also come to Lalitpur and listened to the problems of the farmers.

Currently, the government claims that abundant shelves of fertilizers are coming to the districts for farmers. In many districts, the supply of fertilizers has improved. But in most districts the situation is still not very good and farmers do not get fertilizers easily. Aaj Tak’s team gathered information in view of the shortage and availability of fertilizers in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. During this, we obtained information that manure availability was available in many districts. But there are still many districts where food donors cannot easily obtain fertilizers according to their needs.

Bundelkhand State

At the present time in the Lalitpur district of Bundelkhand, farmers have no problem with fertilizers. An adequate amount of manure is available to the merchants and cooperative societies in the district. In fact, due to the sudden rains in the district in the past, farmers rushed to the fertilizer shops to sow in the fields.

There were long lines of farmers at the fertilizer shops and thousands of farmers gathered in the streets and demonstrated. Not only this, the news of the death of 5 farmers who wandered from one rate to another in search of fertilizers also made the news. At present, farmers do not face any manure problem for the last 5-6 days due to the loss of moisture from the fields and the rake being delivered by train according to the manure requirements in the district.

band status

Banda de UP farmers were facing the fertilizer crisis. Due to the lack of receipt of salary in recent months, the employees of the cooperative society have gone on strike by going on strike. Due to which a greater problem has now arisen in front of the farmers. Now the farmer is forced to sow the crop without compost. For one thing, farmers have been wandering for weeks in search of compost. On the other hand, due to the strike of the cooperative employees, the problems of the farmers have increased. Across the district, several dozen employees have sat in dharna at Vikas Bhawan demanding wages. Farmers say it is time for planting and planting is being delayed due to the unavailability of manure.

Etawah State

Most of the composting centers in Etawah do not have enough manure even today. Farmers in the district constantly wander here and there in search of fertilizers. But the farmers are not getting the fertilizers according to the need, the farmer who has a demand for 5 to 10 bags of manure is being discarded giving only 1 or 2 bags. On the other hand, less stock is being produced in the fertilizer centers due to continuous demand. Because farmers are not getting enough fertilizers. All the load has increased in the cooperative. Senior district officials say we have also distributed more manure than our system. Efforts are being made to supply as much as there is demand in the district.

hardoi status

In view of the DAP problem in Hardoi and in view of the long line of farmers for fertilizers, the administration has increased its activism. Today, DAP fertilizers are available in cooperatives, PCF centers, and private sector stores. But the lines are still visible for the collection of manure from farmers in cooperative societies and PCF centers. Whereas DAP fertilizer is readily available in the private sector. According to the district administration, farmers receive fertilizers according to their farms. The Department of Agriculture claims that the government and private sector have distributed more than 5,000 metric tons of DAP fertilizers. Considering that very soon more than 6500 metric tons of manure will be available in the district.

Fatehpur State

In Fatehpur district, farmers still face a shortage of fertilizers and farmers have to wait in long lines to get fertilizers. But despite that, farmers do not receive fertilizers. Farmers face the biggest DAP problem and urea is readily available. Let us tell you that a total of 70 fertilizer centers have been established in Fatehpur district and this is the condition of most of the centers.

raebareli status

At present, there is no shortage of any type of fertilizer at Rae Bareli. Again, officials were unwilling to say anything on camera, but the effect of Aaj Tak’s news was definitely seen where fertilizers weren’t available even after putting a line in a few days ago.

Kasganj State

The farmers of Kasganj are very upset and worried about the lack of availability of DAP fertilizer, because these days the planting time of the Rabi crop is running out, because the DAP fertilizer is very important for the planting of Rabi crops. Planting of wheat, potato and mustard faces a problem due to the unavailability of wheat, in fact, the planting of potatoes and mustard has been delayed due to the rains. Because of this, DAP is also necessary for both crops. The sowing of wheat intensifies from the first week of November.

Aaj Tak’s team first went to the Regional Cooperative Society, Kasganj and investigated, then here too the DAP stock ran out. However, NPK fertilizers were abundant here. Talking to the farmers here, they were told that the Rabi harvest is being delayed due to the lack of availability of fertilizers on time. They are wandering here and there looking for fertilizers, DAP fertilizer is available in other districts. For many days, they have been hanging around here and there to buy fertilizer, but if they don’t get the DAP fertilizer in time, their Rabi crop will be ruined.

Kannauj State

Fertilizer shortages are not going away for Kannauj farmers. Here the amount in which farmers want DAP and NPK fertilizers is not available to them. Let us report that around 70 to 80 percent of the farmers in the district currently grow potatoes. For which farmers need NPK and DAP fertilizers. But the farmers here are upset by the lack of availability of fertilizers in the cooperatives.


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