United Kingdom: male with corpses of women and children while working in the morgue of tstf hospital

History highlights

  • Relations made with corpses of women and children
  • David Fuller also killed two girls
  • Arrested after 30 years in two homicide cases

Such a truth came to light about David Fuller, 67, who worked in a UK hospital, which shocked people. Fuller had sex with at least 100 bodies in the morgue, including women and children. According to police, Fuller himself has admitted these things after being caught in the murder case. Let’s get to know the whole thing …

In fact, police arrested Fuller on December 3, 2020, when DNA evidence linked him to the unsolved murders of two women in 1987. In the three-decade murder case of Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, Fuller was captured by police. After this, everyone was shocked to know the things that came out.

Objectionable material found in the house search

According to the ‘Daily Mail’ report, when police searched Fuller’s home, they found thousands of photos of sexual abuse. Obscene material found on hard drives, floppy disks, DVDs, and memory cards. Surprisingly, when the police team saw many photos of him making connections to the corpses in the morgue. He had kept some photographs in folders containing the names of the victims. A video showed him sexually abusing the body of a woman, including three children.

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relationship with corpses

Police said Fuller had sexually abused 99 bodies between 2008 and November 2020. During that time, Fuller worked at hospitals in Kent, Sussex and Tunbridge Wells. However, investigating officers were only able to identify 78 bodies that Fuller had abused.

It was said that after becoming acquainted with the corpses, Fuller used to make notes in his journal to remind himself of that incident. He kept a detailed diary of his sexual assaults. Investigators said Fuller worked night shifts in hospitals. He secretly went to the morgue after the other employees left.

guilty in how many cases

According to the report, Fuller has been convicted of 51 crimes, including 44 of corpse abuse. He was also convicted of the murder of two girls, Nell and Pierce.


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