Uncontrollable pollution in all NCR cities, Noida to Ghaziabad clearly visible: Delhi-NCR air quality worsens after Diwali

Uncontrollable pollution in all NCR cities, effect clearly visible from Noida to Ghaziabad

There was a ban on firecrackers in Delhi, it also had some effect, but it didn’t get rid of firecrackers. As a result, from the night of Diwali, such poison was dissolved in the air of Delhi that no scale could measure the air. AQEI became 999. Stubble along with firecrackers and vehicle smoke made it difficult to breathe. The people of Delhi kept a bit of a grip on the firecrackers this time as well, the fanfare was heard less but this Diwali has not gone without firecrackers. Check the status of NCR.

Air quality in various parts of the National Capital Region deteriorated when it fell into the ‘severe’ category on Friday morning after Diwali. According to the SAFAR-India request from the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Noida’s Air Quality Index (AQI) was slipped to the category of “severe”. The Pollution Meter (PM) 10 concentration stood at 448. Watch the video to learn more.

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