The pornographic content of Indian films harmed society: Imran Khan

History highlights

  • Imran said: the responsibility of intellectuals increased in the age of social media
  • Imran also took aim at Indian movies.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said recently that in the age of social media, the responsibility of intellectuals increases much more. He said that in the age of social media there are all kinds of materials available. This is the reason why the responsibility of intellectuals in the protection of moral values ​​and in the conduct of the country has increased. He has also criticized Indian films on this subject.

Imran addressed the crowd at the opening of the “Hall of Fame” at the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in Islamabad. He said that social media is a fact. We cannot prohibit this. However, academics and intellectuals can inspire people to differentiate between good and evil. Intellectuals can protect the ideology of the country with the help of word and pen. He expressed his regret for the gradual decline in moral values, which is why problems such as corruption are also being seen.

Expressing concern about the increase in sex crime cases in Pakistan, he said that social media has been banned for immoral content. Despite this, pornographic content is reaching them. This is a great reason. In today’s Pakistan, the need for the effective contribution and participation of intellectuals has multiplied.

‘Indian movies promoted unacceptable content’

Imran Khan, who is critical of Indian films, said that Indian society has faced the destruction of the family system as his films promoted objectionable content. As a result of this, New Delhi has come to be called the rape capital. He said that a country that cannot differentiate between good and evil loses its character. Ethics and ethics are the basic pillars of any strong society. Apart from this, Imran Khan also urged the intellectuals to tell the people about the Muslim societies of the past era, whose empire was spread not through war but through intellectual power.

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