The minor was gang-raped by 17 people for 4 days, she was kidnapped and the taxi driver took her away! – minor kidnapped and gang-raped by 17 men for four days in Kazakhstan tstf

History highlights

  • girl was a high school student
  • 17 people committed cruelty over 4 days
  • The girl herself told her ordeal

In Kazakhstan, a 17-year-old girl was kidnapped and gang-raped. The girl was gang-raped by 17 people over four days. A taxi driver had fraudulently taken her to a strange place, where he raped her companions.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’ report, the girl victim is a high school student. 17 people took turns raping and spanking her. When the victim protested, he threatened to kill her by drowning her in the river.

Recalling the incident, the girl said that she was going home from the market after shopping, when the taxi driver tricked her into drinking a heady drink. When I woke up, I was on the river bank. I had no clothes on my body. He was surrounded by men.

The victim herself recounted her ordeal

The victim also said that among those people they raped me on the banks of the river and then took me to a house. There he raped me again and then he called his friends and said: ‘Come here, there is a girl. One by one, other men came into that room and gang-raped me. When I tried to fight them, they beat me and threatened to drown me in the river.

The girl said that the rape lasted four days. After that, they gave me my clothes back and kicked me out of the house. According to the victim’s mother, she turned to local media after losing hope of bringing the culprits to justice. The victim’s mother said the incident occurred five months ago, but no one has been arrested since. That is why we had to present ourselves to the media.

Police said this

Commenting on the matter, Sultanat Karakozova, spokesperson for the Turkestan Region Police Department, said: “A number of investigations are under way. The matter is under investigation. The defendants have been ordered not to leave the city.

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