The mayor of this city will collect a salary in Bitcoin, he will make the city the center of the cryptocurrency! – The Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, takes his first three salaries in bitcoin.

History highlights

  • Eric Adams to Take Top 3 Cryptocurrency Salaries
  • The mayor of Miami will also collect salary in bitcoin
  • In this town people buy rations with bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming a part of ordinary people’s lives. Now it is being used not only for investments, but also to buy a relationship to the salary. The future mayor of one of the largest cities in the world says that he will now take his salary in bitcoin and make the city a cryptocurrency hub. Read full news.

Top 3 Bitcoin Salaries

Eric Adams, future mayor of New York (Photo: Reuters)

Eric Adams, the future mayor of New York City in the US, says he will take his first three paychecks in bitcoin. Along with this, he has also declared his intention to make New York the center of the cryptocurrency industry. Eric Adams will assume responsibility for his position from January.

According to Reuters news, Eric Adams said: ‘We always do something great in New York. So when I become mayor, I will take my first 3 salaries in bitcoins.

He tweeted: ‘New York will be the center of the crypto industry. Along with this, many more fast-growing innovative industries will also be in the city. Wait a bit … ‘

The salary of the mayor of Miami also in bitcoin

This announcement by Eric Adams came in response to a tweet from Miami Mayor Francis Suárez, who also announced that he will take his salary in bitcoins when tweeting.

buy rations with cryptocurrencies

of the cryptocurrency Elon musk There have been many reports of large corporations like (Elon Musk) getting paid in the media. But El Jonte in El Salvador is a town where people have been buying rations, vegetables and basic necessities with bitcoin for a long time. Almost the entire economy of this small town has been based on cryptocurrency.

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