The gang used to steal MP cars and sell them in UP 3 Captured members ntc

History highlights

  • Chandauli police arrested a gang of car thieves
  • Members of this gang used to steal the Swift DZire car

In Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh, the police have arrested a carjacking ring that used to steal cars from different cities in Madhya Pradesh. The gang used to bring these cars to Uttar Pradesh and sell them at exorbitant prices. The police have arrested three vicious criminals of this gang. At his request, one Scorpio and eight Swift DZires have been recovered.

The police have also recovered computers, laptops and printers from this gang, with the help of which this gang used to sell stolen vehicles by changing the numbers. What’s special is that this gang of vehicle thieves used to steal only Swift DZire cars from Madhya Pradesh.

In fact, in recent months, Swift DZire cars were stolen in many districts of Madhya Pradesh. When the Madhya Pradesh police discovered this, it became known that there are some vehicle thieves living in Varanasi and adjoining districts of Uttar Pradesh, who steal Swift DZire cars from Madhya Pradesh and change the number to Varanasi and Uttar Pradesh. They are sold in the surrounding districts. . Following this information, the Madhya Pradesh Police contacted the Chandauli Police of Uttar Pradesh.

The police were watching

The police told them that there is a gang of some young people from Varanasi and adjacent districts, who stole Swift DZire cars from different districts of Madhya Pradesh and took them to adjoining districts, including Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Based on input received from the Madhya Pradesh Police, the Chandauli Kotwali Police, with the help of the criminal branch and surveillance, tracked down the members of this gang and began to monitor them. Soon, the hard work of the Chandauli police paid off and three ruthless thieves from this gang who stole the vehicle were caught by the Chandauli police.

In this context, Chandauli Police Superintendent Ankur Aggarwal said that we had input from the Madhya Pradesh Police. There is a carjacking ring that operates here. After that, the Chandauli Kotwali police and the SWAT team were deployed. Since we did not have very specific details, but despite this, after arresting them, 9 stolen vehicles were recovered from them in which Swift Dzire and Scorpio vehicles are found and 3 people have been arrested in it.

He said the name of one of them is Mithilesh, who used to bring stolen vehicles from Madhya Pradesh. The second person is Bablu, who is a private IT operator at the RTO office in Varanasi and the third is a boy who runs an internet cafe. The gang of these three prepared false papers. The cyber cafe man used to make the Aadhar card, etc. And the person who was the guy in RTO used to prepare new documents from fraudulently stolen vehicles. These people used to show about these vehicles that this vehicle has been transferred and then through Mithlesh these vehicles were sold online or offline for Rs.

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