The big Twitter announcement, you don’t have an account, but you will still be able to join Space – the twitter space is now available to non-twitter users ttec

History highlights

  • Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still join Space
  • The Twitter Spaces feature will now be accessible without logging in

Micro blogging website Twitter has made a big announcement regarding its popular Space audio feature. You can listen to Space even if you are not a Twitter user.

Space is Twitter’s audio chat feature where people can talk to each other. You can debate and discuss on the subject. Until now, only Twitter users can listen to it and join.

Making a big decision, Twitter has said that now people who don’t use Twitter will also be able to listen to Twitter Space. To do this, Space Host can share the link with anyone. As soon as you open the link, you will be connected to that space.

This link opens the Twitter web from where you can listen to conversations in space. An application is not necessary for this, because this link opens in the web browser of the mobile or computer.

However, those who join the space without a Twitter account will not have the option to become a speaker. To become a speaker, the user must have a Twitter account.

Significantly, for some time now, the company has focused heavily on its audio streaming feature space. Little by little new characteristics are being given in space. Initially there was the host option, now the co-host role has also been given.

Recently, Twitter has also announced the ticketed space. Under this, the hosts of the space will be able to enter people into their space by selling them tickets. With this, the space hosts will also be able to earn money.

Twitter has now added a space icon at the bottom of its app. By tapping here, you will be able to see which spaces are running and you can merge these spaces based on theme.

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