“Salman Khan is a very kind and good human being,” says Tere Naam Fame Bhumika Chawla

Salman is a very kind human being: Bhumika Chawla (Image credit: Instagram / bhumika_chawla_t, beingalmankhan)

Actress Bhumika Chawla made her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan star ‘Tere Naam’ in 2003. The actress recalls filming with Salman and said she never felt like a rookie on set.

“’Tere Naam’ was my first Bollywood movie and I had a very good experience. I remember we were filming at the Birla temple, the daylight was fading and it was taking me a little longer to get the shot. Salman was very supportive and told everyone to let me do it the way I wanted and not to pressure me. Satish Kaushik ji even encouraged me a lot, ”he said.

“Then when we were filming in Manali and my mother was not feeling well. Salman called the doctor personally and took him to our room. He is a very kind and good human being. During the filming of the movie he was very supportive. He was never in a hurry and asked me to take my time, ”she added.

The ‘Seetimaarr’ actress shared that with each new movie of hers she tries to do something different and said: “I feel like if you keep repeating the same type of character, the audience gets bored too. And if you don’t try new characters, you don’t grow as an actor either, so I try to make different characters, even if that means a little different. “

Mallika Sherawat had made a shocking statement at one point when she revealed that she missed many roles because the great actors wanted her to “get engaged.” When asked if Bhumika also had a similar experience, he said: “I stopped watching the news a while ago and honestly I am not aware of what anyone has said or done. But if Mallika Sherawat has said this, then it must have happened to her. However, it didn’t happen to me ”.

“By the grace of God, the industry has always been very supportive of me. I have never faced such circumstances because I feel that people’s reaction also depends on how you behave and your personality. I also feel that one should be cordial to everyone, but also set some limits. I talked to everyone, but people knew that there were certain limits that they should not cross and that is why this type of incident never happened to me, ”Bhumika concluded.

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