Pakistan’s Chief Minister in Sindh Congratulated Holi on Removing Diwali Post from NTC

History highlights

  • Sindh’s chief minister wishes Holi on Diwali
  • Screenshots of greeting messages shared by people
  • CM’s message became a source of discussion among netizens.

People from all over the world sent greetings on the occasion of Diwali. A large number of people also wished for Pakistan, but the Chief Minister of Sindh province also wanted to convey a message of congratulations for the Diwali festival, but instead of Diwali, he wished for Holi. He later had to delete his tweet.

The Chief Minister of Sindh province in Pakistan, Murad Ali Shah, posted a congratulatory message to the people, but there was something about this post that has now become a topic of discussion.

Diwali was actually celebrated with pomp and show all over the world, including India, yesterday. Many leaders around the world posted congratulatory messages on the matter. But the chief minister, Murad Ali Shah, expressed those wishes, which caught the attention of netizens and became the subject of discussion among the people.

In fact, on Diwali, a message was shared from the Twitter account of Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh, Pakistan. Her photo was on it, on which Happy Holi was written. However, this post was removed from Twitter shortly after. But by then a lot of people took his skin injection and went viral.

Pakistani journalist Murtaza Solangi shared a screenshot of the deleted tweet. He wrote that Pakistan has the largest Hindu population in Sindh, where Hindus are the majority, but if the employees of the CM House of Sindh do not know the difference between Diwali and Holi, then it is really sad.

(Report- Tiasa Bhowal)

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