Pakistani host apologizes to former fast bowler shoaib akhtar said he took us for granted tlifw

History highlights

  • Pakistani presenter made indecency with Shoaib Akhtar
  • In addition to apologizing, the presenter also shared his dilemma.

Pakistani host Nauman Niaz apologized in the case of misconduct to former Pakistani bowler and star commentator Shoaib Akhtar. Niaz had indecently assaulted host Shoaib during PTV Sports’ Game On Hai show on October 27 and asked him to leave the show. After this, Shoaib announced his separation from PTV on live TV. However, in this matter, he also gave his side and shared his entire incident.

This program talked about the match between Pakistan and New Zealand, although the match had not started at that time. Many videos of this incident went viral on social media and people also supported Shoaib. Niyaz was expelled from the program and the investigation of the case began. In the show where Shoaib Akhtar was insulted, in addition to him, legends such as Sir Vivian Richards and David Gower were present. Niyaz said that I had no right to do it. Humans make mistakes and for that I apologize a million times. Shoaib has been a star. Whatever happened that day shouldn’t have happened.

On Roff Lasra’s YouTube channel, he said: ‘The problem I was facing is that we give them retainers all year long and these big tournaments mean a lot to us as there is some return on investment. That’s why we told him to be an exclusive part of our show during the World Cup. But Shoaib started talking about raising the salary or he wanted us to give him a certain amount in addition to the advance. After that, we spoke with the managing director and agreed on a fixed number.

‘Shoaib violated our contract’

Niaz said: ‘Shoaib was supposed to join us on October 17 for the World Cup broadcast, but he was absent. We were told that he had gone to Dubai where he appeared on a show with Harbhajan Singh. That is also an important issue between India-Pakistan relations. Well, when we contacted Shoaib, he said he would come on Monday, but he didn’t. We got to Super 12. Still, they didn’t come. After this, he said that he was not feeling well. Then he came to the post-India-Pakistan show, which went well. But the next day he didn’t return and instead became part of many other shows that were against clause five of the PTV contract.

He further said: ‘I wasn’t mad at Shoaib, but I was humiliating PTV. He was taking PTV lightly while in sports production we provided him with the best package. These things were happening somewhere in my heart and maybe that’s why this incident happened. I agree that my behavior was inappropriate and unplanned and I do not wish to offend anyone. I am willing to apologize to the entire country.

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