Mumbai: Who is Sanjay Singh to take Aryan Khan’s case from Sameer Wankhede? – sameer wankhede sanjay singh aaryan ntc drug case

History highlights

  • Sanjay is a 1996 IPS officer from the Odisha cadre.
  • Work experience in Police and CBI

The director of the Mumbai Zone NCB, Sameer Wankhede, has been removed from the investigation of the drug case. The investigation of this case started very quickly, Aryan Khan was also arrested, but now he has been separated from the case. Instead, NCB’s SIT Director Sanjay Singh is called in. They will depart for Mumbai from Delhi on Saturday.

Who is Sanjay Singh?

Sanjay Singh is a 1996 IPS officer from the Odisha cadre. He has held many important positions in his career. He began his journey with the Odisha Police as an additional commissioner. He later took on the role of IG in the Odisha Police itself. After this, Sanjay Singh has done a lot of work for the CBI. There he has served as Deputy Inspector General. Currently, Sanjay Singh works for NCB. He works as Deputy Director General (Operations).

Investigation of many drug cases was conducted.

Sanjay Singh has also been said to have had a deep connection to many drug cases. He has also investigated many cases. For this reason, he has also headed the Anti-Drug Working Group. Now Sanjay Singh himself will investigate the case of Aryan Khan and Nawab Malik’s son-in-law instead of Sameer Wankhede. Apart from this, there are some more delicate matters, they too have now gone to Sanjay Singh.

Sameer Wankhede has also given his side in all this action. In his eyes, he himself had asked to be separated from the drug case. According to him, he wanted the matter to be investigated by the Delhi NCB. At the same time, he has also told Aaj Tak that he will continue his research on drugs.

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