Mumbai: Rman arrested for killing two people on sidewalk in Mumbai took his own life in anger and was not allowed to board the ntc train

History highlights

  • Angry person kills two over passenger behavior on train
  • Angry with two people sleeping on the sidewalk
  • Refused to board the train, dropped him off at Byculla station

In Mumbai, a man killed two people for preventing him from boarding a train. When he entered the first compartment to travel on a local train, he was stopped by fellow travelers, in which these two people who lived on the sidewalk in anger were killed.

According to the police, the defendant Suresh Shankar Gowda said during questioning that he had an argument with some passengers on the train, he had accidentally got into the first class compartment, some passengers misbehaved with him, abused him. She called him a drug addict. Then he had to get off at Byculla station. Tamtamae Gowda took the anger out of the incident on the two people sleeping on the sidewalk of the train. He murdered them.

Suresh Shankar Gowda, accused of allegedly killing two people in South Mumbai in 15 minutes, has been arrested by the police. The 40-year-old defendant, Gowda, told police during questioning that he committed the crime in anger. Due to some people on the train, he was forced to get off at Byculla station.

We watched Gowda’s movements from CCTV cameras installed between Byculla and JJ Marg, police said. He got off the Badlapur-CST train around 7.30pm.

According to police, Gowda had killed two unidentified people sleeping on the sidewalk at Byculla Fruit Market and JJ Marg on October 23. He committed the first murder in Byculla at 7:50 p.m., while the second murder was committed at 20:05 p.m.

According to the police, Gowda also lives on the sidewalk. The investigation has revealed that Gowda is a resident of the Hassan district of Karnataka, who had come to Mumbai 21 years ago in search of work. He first started driving an autorickshaw. Gowda was arrested in 2003 for robbing a passenger. At the same time, he was also arrested in a robbery case in 2003 before being arrested for killing Tiger, who was living on the sidewalk in 2015.

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