India reached out to help Sri Lanka, sent 100 tons of nano urea on an IAF plane – India helped Sri Lanka sent 100 tons of nano ntc fertilizers

History highlights

  • India sent aid to Sri Lanka on Diwali
  • 100 tons of nano liquid urea shipped by airplanes to Sri Lanka

The demand for nano liquid urea is now continuously increasing. By virtue of this, India sent urea to Sri Lanka. A shipment of 100 tonnes of nano liquid urea was airlifted to Sri Lanka by Indian Air Force planes.

The Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka tweeted that immediate support was sought from the Sri Lankan Government for Nano Urea, for which Nano Urea has been carried by two Indian aircraft.

IAF becomes a ray of hope for Sri Lanka

The Indian High Commission tweeted that the Indian Air Force once again became a ray of hope for Sri Lanka on Diwali day. Following the demand for nanourea by the Sri Lankan government, it was airlifted with immediate effect and shipped 100 tons of nanourea to Colombo via two aircraft.

Urea crisis in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa banned the import of chemical urea in May. Several months after this decision, liquid urea with nano nitrogen has been imported. Sri Lanka faces a severe urea shortage after the ban. At the same time, India has made sure to accelerate the supply of nanourea to Sri Lanka.

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