Gold and Silver Prices Today: Gold and Silver Prices Rise Again As Diwali Goes By, Know How Expensive Gold And Silver Got

History highlights

  • Today there was a jump in the price of gold and silver
  • Gold and Silver Rates Reduced on Choti Diwali Day

Price of gold and silver today Last November 5, 2021: As soon as Diwali ends, the prices of gold and silver have registered an increase again. The price of gold of all types, including 999,995, has risen, while silver prices have also seen a jump on Friday.

According to the website, which issues prices for gold and silver, the price of 999-grade gold has reached 47,702 per ten grams. Today, gold has become more expensive at Rs 164 compared to Choti Diwali (Nov 3). At the same time, the price of one kg of silver has also risen from 63,175 to 63,551. Thus, a jump of 376 rupees has been recorded.

जानिए, November 05, 2021 Gold and Silver Price India Rate

On November 5, the price of 999 purity gold per ten grams increased by Rs 47702, the price of 995 purity gold increased by Rs 163 to 47511. Similarly, the price of 916 purity gold has also increased and now It is available for Rs 43,695 for ten grams. The price of 750 purity gold is 35777. Apart from this, the price of 585 purity gold has increased by Rs 96 to 27906. At the same time, one kg of silver is available for Rs 63551.

Gold-silver rates today November 5

Information on gold and silver prices is provided twice a day on the website. The first figure is published daily in the morning, while the second figure is published at night. Gold and silver prices were not declared on Diwali day. Before that, information on gold rates was provided on the website on Chhoti Diwali day. Compared to Dhanteras, there was a decrease in the prices of gold and silver on the day of Chhoti Diwali.

You can also know the price of gold and silver on the phone

ibja does not rate the holidays declared by the central government on Saturdays and Sundays. In such a situation, if you want to know the retail price of 22 karat and 18 karat gold jewelry, you can make a missed call to 8955664433. Shortly after calling, you will receive information about the gold and silver rates via SMS.

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