Facebook group admins will now be able to earn money, they will get these three great features: Facebook group monetization feature ttec

History highlights

  • The monetization function will be in Facebook groups.
  • There will be three monetization functions in Facebook Groups

If you have a Facebook group, then there is good news for you. The company is bringing the monetization feature to Facebook Groups. Facebook is testing new tools for this so that group admins can make money.

Tools being tested include features such as purchasing, fundraising, and admin subscriptions. Facebook has said that the new features will help group admins and will be given three monetization options.

Facebook group admins can raise money through community shops and fundraisers. Speaking of community stores, this feature is in line with the existing Facebook feature. Here also group administrators can sell their merchandise.

Through the fundraising feature, Facebook group managers can receive crowdfunding for any project. Group managers can earn money through crowdfunding by asking people for money for expenses incurred in running the group.

The third feature is the subscription. The paid subgroups feature will actually be for small groups created for limited people within the groups. Below this, those who want additional content can access them via a user subscription. The subscription money will be given to the group administrators.

The option to create subgroups is given in a Facebook group. In such a situation, you can obtain crowdfunding by creating a subgroup. The company wants creators to also have the opportunity to earn money through groups. Here, administrators can offer special types of content especially for those people.

Although Facebook has also said that the company doesn’t expect all groups to like the paid features, many groups still sell their merchandise and some even host fundraisers.

Facebook will not release this feature for everyone at once. The company will bring it slowly and in the same way it will also reflect the users. Initially, this feature will not be available for more groups.

In addition to the monetization feature, some new features will be offered in Facebook groups. For example, new personalization features will be provided in Facebook Groups. Through this, group admins will be able to change the background color and font style of their group.

There will be community chats for administrators and moderators of Facebook groups, through which they can better communicate with each other.

A new featured section will be available where administrators can copy contacts. Apart from this, the company is preparing to test more tools for Facebook pages and groups in the next time.


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