DoT sets December 2022 deadline for transition to new IP addresses | DoT sets December 2022 deadline for new IP addresses

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DoT sets December 2022 deadline for new IP addresses

New Delhi: The DoT has set a December 2022 deadline for Internet Service Providers to optimize their networks and replace modems and routers at customer premises for services as directed by the Internet Protocol IPv6. According to an official statement released on November 2, the DoT set June 30, 2022 as the last date for the full transition to IPv6 for the government organization.

“All new wired retail customer connections provided by service providers after December 31, 2022 will be able to carry IPv6 traffic in a dual stack over native IPv6,” the note says, and will help identify and connect servers to the Internet. The increase in the number of devices connecting to the Internet has increased the demand for IPv6 addresses. India now accounts for around 50 percent of IPv6 addresses globally.

Satya N Gupta, Chairman of the IPv6 Forum, said: “The transition to IPv6 with dual-stack mode will also help increase Internet usage. Especially in the context of the IoT ecosystem and the next 5G services that work from home will require a large IP address, which is not available with IPv4. Also, the switch to IPv6 will improve network security, as version 6 has this feature built in.

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