Diwali Shopping sales over a lakh crore boycott Chinese goods call China trade tutd

History highlights

  • Emphasis on Swadeshi on Diwali
  • Great loss for China

Diwali Shopping: This year, people have really enjoyed the festivals, reeling from the shadow of the corona epidemic. By one estimate, more than 1.25 lakh crore rupees were sold on this Diwali. Not only this, due to the campaigns that emphasize the consumption of indigenous goods (Vocal for local), people distanced themselves from Chinese goods and therefore, China has suffered a setback of about 50 billion rupees.

According to the statement of the national president of the Confederation of Traders of India (CAIT), BC Bhartia, and the general secretary Praveen Khandelwal, this time around 1.25 lakh crore rupees were sold on Diwali. It says CAIT had called for a “boycott of Chinese products” last year. They claim that because of this, China has lost business worth more than 50 billion rupees on Diwali this year. He says that this year small local artisans, potters, artisans and artists sold their products well.

Loss in the firecracker business!

Bhartia says that this time the firecracker traders have suffered greatly. It says that due to the relaxed attitude of the states, small firecracker manufacturers and sellers have lost about 10 billion rupees in business.

how to guess

CAIT says the sales figures are drawn based on a telephone survey conducted by its research wing CAIT Research & Trade Development Society (CRTDS).

these items were sold

According to CAT, Diwali is celebrated especially in consumer goods, consumer goods, toys, appliances and accessories, household appliances and appliances, kitchen items and accessories, gift items, confectionery, candy, home furnishings, utensils, gold and jewelry. , shoes, watches, etc. they sold a lot. Apart from this, furniture, clothing, fashion apparel, home decoration items, Diwali puja items including clay lamps, deities, wall hangings, handicraft items, clothing, auspicious benefits vandanwar, symbols of good lucky as Om. There was a great home business. decoration, etc.

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