Diwali 2021: These 5 Tips Will Relieve Heartburn, Constipation And Headache After Diwali Holiday – Diwali 2021 Top 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Heartburn Bloating And Constipation Tlif

History highlights

  • Harm to health from traditional fried foods and sweets
  • These 5 tips will relieve your heartburn-constipation

Sweets and traditional dishes make the Diwali festival more colorful and enjoyable. Diwali cannot be imagined without these things. However, these traditional fried foods and sweets also harm our health. They promote problems like heartburn, bloating (flatulence), and constipation. If you also face any such problem in the festive season, you can overcome it in 5 ways.

Gulkand water– When you wake up in the morning after the Diwali festival at night, you may feel discomforts such as heartburn, flatulence, constipation or a heaviness in the head. In such a situation, it would be better to start the day with Gulkand water. Mix one tablespoon of Gulkand in a glass of water and drink after mixing well. Chew the rose leaves present in it well. You will get relief in no time.

sleep in the morningDoctors say that even a little sleep 15 to 20 minutes after breakfast in the morning will give you a great rest. If the intestines are not cleaned properly in the morning, we will become irritated. By trying this trick, you will get great benefit and troubles arising from Diwali holiday will also be eliminated.

eat banana for lunchThis recipe is very useful to eliminate the problem of constipation in children. If you are also concerned about constipation after Diwali, have a banana or two after roti, vegetables, lentils, and rice for lunch. Nutritionists consider it the best formula to eliminate constipation.

Sleeping Konasana for 2 to 5 minutesThe problem of flatulence often begins at night. If you feel this way too, then 2 to 5 minutes of Konasana sleep can be very effective. To do this, lie on the floor on your back and keep a round pillow for your back. After this, while bending your feet from the knees, bring both toes together and try to extend them as much as possible. You will soon get relief from the problem of flatulence.

Ghee rice pagesSpecial care should be taken to overeat in festival season. Eating foods high in sugar on Diwali can cause a lot of problems. If you are facing such a problem, consuming the ghee rice page can alleviate it. To do this, boil the rice in a lot of water so that it is ready as a soup. After this, take it out in a cup and mix two tablespoons of ghee. You will soon get relief from stomach related problems.


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