Digvijay Singh raised questions when Prime Minister Modi wore the army uniform

History highlights

  • Ruckus on PM Modi’s army uniform
  • Former CM Digvijay Singh raised questions
  • No response from BJP

Congressional Leader Digvijay Singh has always attacked BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. No matter what the problem is, they find a way to hit the mark. Now a controversy has arisen regarding PM Modi’s uniform. PM Modi, who went to Nowshera on Diwali, was wearing an army uniform. Digvijay Singh has raised questions about it.

Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh tweeted and said can anyone wear a civilian army suit? Can General Rawat or the Defense Minister give any clarification on this? Now the congressional leader has also tweeted about Prime Minister Modi’s statement in which he said that it used to take years to bring weapons to India, but now the focus is on self-sufficient India.

Based on the same statement by Prime Minister Modi, Digvijay Singh has made this comment about his clothing. So far there has been no response from BJP on this, but it will be available soon. By the way, Prime Minister Modi had said during his speech that it was not possible to get defense equipment in time in previous governments. Emphasis was placed on importing from other countries. But this trend has changed in the last seven years. State-of-the-art weapons are now manufactured in India and prepared in less time.

But Digvijay Singh saw no merit in the prime minister’s claims and put it this way. His tweet is viral on social media, but neither Congress has taken it forward nor has the BJP given any reaction on it.


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