Deepawali 2021163 people burned by fireworks in Delhi

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Updated Sat, Nov 6, 2021 12:15 PM M. IST


163 people were burned by fireworks in the country’s capital, Delhi. 33 people have also suffered eye injuries from firecrackers. This time the record for last year was also broken. In 2020, 68 cases of burns were reported on Diwali.

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Despite the ban, fireworks were held in Delhi so much that the number of people burned in Delhi reached 163. This number is more than double compared to last year, as 68 cases were reported on Diwali in the year 2020. According to the information, 55 cases of burns have been registered in Safdarjung hospital alone.

At the same time, 33 people have also suffered eye injuries from firecrackers. Dr Shalabh Kumar, Head of the Burn Department at Safdarjung Hospital, said health services were already on alert regarding Diwali. Just one day before Diwali, 12 burn victims had arrived.

Of these, eight were patients from Delhi and four were from out of state. On the other hand, on Diwali day last Thursday 43 patients arrived for the treatment of burns. Of these, 41 patients were from Delhi and 2 patients were from outside Delhi. On both days, a total of 55 patients had requested treatment for Diwali burns. Last year, only 28 patients had come to the hospital for treatment.

At the same time, 33 patients arrived at the AIIMS PR Center. JS Titiyal, the center’s director, said 33 patients arrived for treatment in the past two days. Of these, 18 patients have seen serious eye injuries that had to be admitted for treatment. His age ranged between 7 and 36 years.

Apart from these, 23 injured came to RML in New Delhi for treatment. Apart from this, 25 patients had come to the DDU hospital for treatment due to firecracker burns. Similarly, 18 patients had come to GTB, one at LNJP, one at Guru Nanak Eye Center, 2 at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, 3 at Raja Harishchand.

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