Cricket Australia failed to win against Taliban, postponed test match against AFG – Australia postpones first test match in Afghanistan again until situation in Taliban-ruled state becomes clearer

History highlights

  • Postponement of the test match between Australia and AFG
  • This test match was to be held in Hobart from November 27.

Cricket Australia (CA) has postponed the only test match against Afghanistan men’s team, proposed for later this month. This would have been the first test in the history of cricket between Australia and Afghanistan, which would be played from November 27 at the Blundstone Arena in Hobart.

The CA has made this decision due to the attitude of the anti-Taliban government towards women’s cricket. Significantly, Cricket Australia had threatened in September itself that if the Taliban government did not allow women and girls to play, it would cancel the test match. The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last August.

CA said in a statement: “After consulting with relevant stakeholders, she and the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) agreed to postpone the match and play it later.”

The statement further read: “CA is committed to promoting men’s and women’s sports in Afghanistan and around the world. But in view of the current uncertainty, CA felt that it was necessary to postpone this test match until later. It was only a formality, as CA had said last month it would, as the Taliban opposed women’s cricket in Afghanistan after taking power.

The Afghanistan cricket team has come a long way in recent years. But after the occupation of the country by the Taliban, its effect on cricket is visible. The Afghanistan Board has requested the support of other full members of the International Cricket Council in its quest to maintain its place in world cricket.

The situation in Afghanistan will be discussed at the ICC meeting on the sidelines of the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Taliban officials said they would not repeat the harsh regime of their previous government, which banned the education of most girls and prohibited women from going out in public without a male guardian.

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