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Assam has historically been a region of conflict over identity, land and resources. From border conflicts to eviction campaigns, recent major events have drawn everyone’s attention to Himanta Biswa Sarma. Newly elected Prime Minister reports on his political philosophy and governance model at the India Today Conclave

When asked why the Assam government banned the consumption and sale of beef within a five kilometer radius of the temples

“Most of the Muslims in Assam are converts from Hinduism. Their ancestors did not eat beef. What if I just remind them and ask them to stop consuming beef?

Some people get angry because I am reminding them of their own civilization. Many people talk about rights. Rights are derived from the values ​​of civilization. Muslims are happy with this decision to ban the consumption of beef five kilometers from the temples of Assam. This has increased community harmony.

On why they don’t need ‘minimum votes’

“I don’t want Mian (a term used in colloquial speech for Muslim Bengali-speaking immigrants) to vote. We have no political affiliation. They don’t vote for BJP so I don’t campaign in their areas. I will work for its development but I will not seek your votes. We live in harmony

Regarding the viral video of the secretary general of Congress, Priyanka Gandhi, trying to go to Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh, being arrested and kept in a guest house in Sitapur for sweeping the floor there.

“I’ve always seen my mother sweeping the floor of the house. People will not be affected by this. It’s not a big deal. How can a woman sweeping the floor become news? The way she (Priyanka) was sweeping the floor, it wasn’t even the right shape.

On the recent violence in Dholpur, Assam during the demolition campaign

“We evicted the people from Dholpur because they had occupied government land. How can 1,000 families occupy 77,000 acres? Assam’s land policy states that a family cannot have more than two acres of land. We have to give land to many landless people.

If people occupy the land, we will have to evict them. Capturing elimination is an ongoing process. Local people from Assam have also been evicted. There is no common angle to this. When Assamese-speaking people or tribes were evicted, left-wing liberals did not speak out for them.

night awakening

Chief Minister Sarma goes to sleep at 3 o’clock after cleaning the files at 2 in the morning. He says he had this habit during his days at the hostel at Cotton College, Guwahati.

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